Park Soo Hong reveals Kim Saeng Min cried heavily after the sexual harassment controversy


Park Soo Hong has revealed the conversation he had with Kim Saeng Min following the sexual harassment controversy.

Recently, Kim Saeng Min shocked the public as his past sexual harassment incident arose to surface.

Eventually, the comedian stepped down from all of his shows, including KBS ‘Weekly Entertainment’ which he has been part of for more than 20 years.

During the airing of Channel A’s ‘Heard It Through the Grapevine’, MC Park Soo Hong shared that he had texted Kim Saeng Min before the recording and asked if he could give him a call.

He explained that he heard Kim Saeng Min continuously cried on the phone with Kim Soo Yong the day before. So, he texted him in case he might not answer the call but he gave a call right away.

Park Soo Hong informed Kim Saeng Min that he will be covering the incident on the show and if he had anything to say. Kim Saeng Min only repeated that he is very sorry and was having a hard time. He too cried on the call although he tried to sound strong.

Park Soo Hong added that he personally cannot match this issue with Kim Saeng Min or believe that he is swept up in such a controversy. He was always so proper and good to his peers. He was never rude to his hoobaes or made mistakes with his words. It’s so unfortunate and unbelievable.