EXO Chen’s father yelled at him for losing the bowling match against TVXQ


EXO’s Chen had shared wjth the public how his father reacted to his poor bowling skills.

EXO-CBX went live on Naver V app in light of their comeback with the 2nd mini album ‘Blooming Day’.

During the live airing on on Naver V app, amidst the talk of their comeback with 2nd mini album ‘Blooming Day’, Chen has also mentioned the past bowling match with Chanyeol and TVXQ .

Their match was also broadcasted on Naver V app.

Chen said that he went home after the match. As soon as his father saw him, he said, ‘Why do you suck at bowling so much? You should’ve taken a lesson for at least an hour if you were going to do it on a broadcast’.” 

To this, Chen said to his father, “Dad, I’m just not good at it.”




Well Chen, we actually think it’s okay if you can’t bowl.