Park Seo Joon amazed the customers on “Youn’s Kitchen 2” with his good looks!

Park Seo Joon is impressing the customers on “Youn’s Kitchen 2” with his undeniable good looks!

The actor is currently waiting tables in Spain on tvN’s reality show “Youn’s Kitchen 2,” which follows Park Seo Joon, Yoon Yeo JungLee Seo Jin, and Jung Yoo Mi as they attempt to run a small Korean restaurant in the Spanish town of Garachico.

On the January 12 episode, the female customer praised the actor’s appearance after a couple had placed their order with Lee Seo Jin. “A good-looking man,” she commented to her male companion. “Right? He’s good-looking.”

The male customer agreed, before pointing out Park Seo Joon and saying, “That guy’s handsome too.”

After the woman had scoped him out, she remarked admiringly, “His facial features are so beautiful. His appearance is seriously amazing.”

Fortunately, her dining companion promised, “I won’t be jealous.”

Check out the video clip above!