Razer’s PROJECT LINDA: The handiness of a phone. The versatility of a laptop


What is Razer’s Project Linda?

Video gaming specialist Razer has grabbed the gadget world’s attention again recently at CES with a prototype phone-laptop hybrid dubbed the Project Linda Concept.

At a glance, the Linda looks like any other 13-inch laptop but when you check out below the keyboard where the trackpad would typically be, sits an open compartment, just nice for the new Razer phone to fit in.

There is no processor or other key computing components. Just a screen with an attached keyboard and battery.

However, once you slide in the Razer phone, the device becomes a laptop running Google’s Android software.

Now, this is where you get the best of both worlds!

The hybrid device offers a much larger screen for mobile gaming and a quality keyboard for getting work done in mobile apps.

Check out their video.

Definitely looks quite cool but the device is not out for sale yet and we are not sure if Razer would turn this concept into an actual product to be launched in the near future.

We all know there have been instances where, Razer’s product concept didn’t get rolled out in the market or even when it did, it was short-lived.

Here’s a quick specs:

  • 13.3-inch, 120Hz Quad HD display ( you can mirror the new Razer phone to Linda)
  • A pair of USB ports — one full-size and one USB-C (for any accessories you’d want to connect eg. a mouse).
  • 720p webcam, a dual-array mic and a 3.5mm audio jack ( the phone doesn’t have this)
  • Chrome keyboard
  • 200GB of storage
  • 53.6Wh battery (can fully recharge the phone up to 3x)
  • weighs 1.25kg (with the phone docked- really light!)

To find out more, check out Razer’s page.