Lee Joon And Jung So Min Confirmed To Be Dating


Prain TBC andJellyfish Entertainment confirmed that Lee Joon and Jung So Min are dating.

“Lee Joon is currently in a relationship with Jung So Min, who he met through ‘Father is Strange.’ They began dating in October and are currently very supportive of each other. Lee Joon is currently getting plenty of rest so that he can do his best when he returns to the army after his break ends.”

– Prain TPC 

“Jung So Min first met Lee Joon as a co-star on ‘Father is Strange,’ and they began dating in October. We would be grateful if everyone would watch over them warmly.”

– Jellyfish Entertainment

According to report, Lee Joon and Jung So Min are currently in a relationship and enjoyed a sweet date together on December 29, 2017. They are said to have visited a department store in Pangyo where they picked out scarves before eating dinner together. Lee Joon is said to have spent a large portion of his five-day leave from the army with Jung So Min.

The couple met on the set of KBS drama ‘Father is Strange’ which came to an end in August 2017.

The two were captured after their date, with Lee Joon dropping Jung So Min off at her place.

Photos below are from Dispatch.


Congratulations to the new couple!