BIGBANG’s G-Dragon And Lee Joo Yeon are dating


BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and former After School member Lee Joo Yeon are reportedly dating.

Dispatch caught the two stars on a date in Jeju Island. They had gone on separate planes, but met up in Jeju Island. Jooyeon was accompanied by Big Bang’s manager. The following photos are from Dispatch.

December 14th. as soon as GD came back from Japan
And the next day, GD rides in Rolls Royce to Jeju Island.
Lee Ju-yeon with her luggage
She arrived at Gimpo Airport.
The manager of ‘Big Bang’ keeps behind.
They boarded the plane
GD arrived first on Jeju Island.
Lee Ju-yeon arrived two hours later at GD’s villa.

Both YG Entertainment and Better Entertainment were reached for comments and the agencies responded that they would have to first speak with their respective artists before releasing an official response.