Winners Of The 2017 SBS Entertainment Awards


2017 SBS Entertainment Awards was held on December 30 to celebrate the best and brightest of television and radio under SBS.

Check out the full list of winners below!

Grand Award (Daesang): Lee Sun Mi, Ji In Sook, Lee Ok Jin, Im Yeo Soon (“My Ugly Duckling”)

Top Excellence Award (Variety): Ji Suk Jin (“Running Man”)

Top Excellence Award (Show/Talk): Seo Jang Hoon (“Same Bed Different Dreams 2- You Are My Destiny,” “My Ugly Duckling”)

Producers’ Award (nominees chosen by producing directors): Kim Byung Man (“Law of the Jungle”)

Excellence Award (Variety): Kang Soo Ji (“Burning Youth”)

Excellence Award (Show/Talk): Kim Joon Hyun (“Fantastic Duo 2”), Tony Ahn (“My Ugly Duckling”)

Global Star Award: “Running Man” team

Lifetime Achievement Award: Baek Jong Won (“Baek Jong Won’s Food Truck”)

Hot Star of the Year Award: Chu Ja Hyun and Yu Xiaguang (“Same Bed Different Dreams 2- You Are My Destiny”)

Program of the Year Award: “My Ugly Duckling” (Variety), “Finding Genius” (Educational)

Top Excellence MC Award: Jun Hyun Moo (Variety – “K-pop Star 6,” “Master Key”), Kim Suk Hoon(Educational – “Curious Story Y”)

Scene Stealer Award: Park Myung Soo (“Single Wife”), Yoon Jung Soo (“My Ugly Duckling”)

Best Entertainer Award: Lee Yoo Ri (“Single Wife”), Kim Kwang Gyu (“Burning Youth”)

Best Challenge Award: Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha (“Honey – 100-year Guest”), gugudan’s Kim Sejeong(“Law of the Jungle”), Jo Bo Ah (“Law of the Jungle”)

Best Teamwork Award: “Burning Youth”

Best Couple Award: Jun So Min and Lee Kwang Soo (“Running Man”)

Screenwriter AwardNo Yoon (Variety – “Same Bed Different Dreams 2- You Are My Destiny”), Jun Jin Shil (Radio – “Boom Boom Power”), Jang Yoon Jung (Educational – “SBS Special – War of Fathers”)

Mobile Icon Award: Park Na Rae (“Park Na Rae’s Copy and Paste Show”), Kim Ki Soo (“Do You Want to Live Pretty or Not?”)

Radio DJ Award: Kim Sook and Song Eun Yi (“Song Eun Yi, Kim Sook’s Unni’s Radio), Kim Young Chul (“Kim Young Chul’s Power FM”)

Rookie Award (Variety): Jun So Min (“Running Man”), Wanna One’s Kang Daniel (“Master Key”)

Rookie Award (Show/Talk): Jung Jae Eun (“Single Wife”), Lee Sang Min (“My Ugly Duckling”)


Congratulations to all of the winners!