Jonghyun’s Last Comeback Song

Days before his passing, Jonghyun held his solo concert “Inspired” before his solo comeback. At the concert, he sang his unreleased song that was set to be released in 2018.

The song titled “Only One You Need” was exclusively sang for his fans before its release.

The Korean title for the song refers to a missing a part of your body or your organs but it feels like it’s still there. At the concert, Jonghyun reportedly talked about the meaning of the song. 

“I made this song to tell someone not to be sad when you are in pain when a person you love is gone”

– Jonghyun

Jonghyun also performed another two new songs “I’m So Curious” and “Take The Dive” that were also part of his solo comeback album. He was scheduled to make his comeback in January with the music video already been filmed.

However, it still remains unclear whether his family will approve the release of his album. A fan who attended the concert was able to record the song during Jonghyun’s performance.

Check out his performance in the video above.