Friends and family of Jonghyun tried to save him


There are more details released by Jonghyun’s friends over his suicidal letter and the days prior to his death.

According to Nine9‘s agency, Jonghyun sent his suicide letter to her days before his solo concert on 9th December 2017.

“Jonghyun sent her the letter a few days before his concert. Nine9 was so shocked [when she received the letter], that she notified us [immediately].

We didn’t know what to do, so we attended his concert to inform his family about it.”

Nine9’s Agency

Apparently, Jonghyun’s family has been aware about his condition and sufferings. They have been trying to help him as much as they could but it seems to have failed.

Before Jonghyun passed away, he sent message to his sister and Nine9.

“Jonghyun said his last goodbye [via text] to his sister and Nine9 on the day that he passed away.

His message was very similar to the previous letter he’d sent to Nine9.

Nine9 and his sister called the police and found him, but it was too late.”

Nine9’s Agency