Min Hyo Rin and Taeyang break up?


Actress Min Hyo Rin recently opened up about her relationship with BIGBANG’s Taeyang in a recent interview.

The celebrity couple has been dating publicly since 2015. Taeyang  had spoken about their relationship at a press conference for his new album earlier this year. The BIGBANG member had declared Min Hyo Rin is his greatest muse after acknowledging that many of his songs were written about her.

When asked about Taeyang’s statement, Min Hyo Rin blushed and responded shyly, “I was surprised that he said that, but I think I was also grateful.”

She was also quick to refute the breakup rumors that circled after the release of Taeyang’s “Darling.” The actress, who admitted that she knew she was the inspiration for “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” suggested that the rumors had arisen because “Darling” was a song about a breakup.

Admitting that she heard about the rumors, the actress felt surprised because she has never broke up with Taeyang. Min Hyo Rin thinks that a lot of those stories were popping up because of the lyrics [of ‘Darling’].”

Despite having gone public with their romance, Min Hyo Rin still feels uneasy discussing her relationship. “I would be more comfortable talking about it if my boyfriend were a non-celebrity or an actor,” she commented. “However, because he’s an idol, and because there are other group members [to consider], I think I can’t help but be more careful.”

Nonetheless, she did share that Taeyang was the person she turned to when she faced concerns about her acting career. When asked whom she leaned on during hard times, she replied, “Since I have a boyfriend who is in a similar line of work, I inevitably end up talking to him a lot.”

The actress, who is now 31 years old, also revealed that she recently began to think about marriage. “I think when you enter your thirties, you start to think about marriage more,” Min Hyo Rin said. She added with a laugh, “I suppose I’ll get married once I’m ready.”

Well, we sure hope to hear the wedding bells ringing soon!