Victim of Taeyeon car crash complained on social media


Girls’ Generation captain Taeyeon met with an accident, involving 2 other cars.

One of the victim, a taxi driver had uploaded a video of the accident and complained about it in his own IG. He was the one driving in the middle vehicle.  The front windshield was broken and the airbags exploded.  His clothes were also covered with sprayed-in broken glass showing how big the impact was.

The photo showed the front and rear were severely damaged.

He was pretty upset because the ambulance staff had apparently taken Taeyeon to the hospital first and left the victims behind despite being injured. They were also not allowed to follow in the same ambulance.

The ambulance staff had attended to Taeyeon because she is a celebrity and ignored the victims.

The impact of the crash seems great.

The victim post has been removed because it was edited later to mention how Taeyeon did not take a BAC test on site, after police mentioned it’s not a DUI.

Well, chances of it being 100% objective and unbiased are low.

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