Girls’ Generation Sunny’s luxurious home revealed


On a recent  broadcast of E Channel’s ‘Send Me To You’, actress Ha Jae Sook visited the idol star’s home as she will be swapping lives with Sunny.

Sunny’s apartment is situated in Seongsudong, Seoul and reported  to be worth 2.7 billion KRW (~S$3.3 million). The house featured a spacious interior design and a clear view of the Han River.

In the show, Sunny made a video call to Yoona from her new apartment. Yoona was heard saying, “I want to go to my sister’s house. I heard that the view is good,” and Sunny responded by saying,“Come and see!”

Send Me To You‘ is a variety program where celebrities swap their daily lifestyles for a total of 100 hours.

Check out the video clips below: