Kim Jong Kook reveals his ideal girlfriend on his new variety show ‘Big Picture’


In the recent episode 75 of Big Picture, Kim Jong Kook revealed his ideal girlfriend type during a brainstorming session with the writers and producers.  They were planning a scenario where Kim Jong Kook will have a fake girlfriend in the new reality show, that films Kwang Soo secretly for six months without his knowledge. As Kim Jong Kook is close to Lee Kwang Soo, PD Yeo Woon Hyuk wanted Kim Jong Kook to reveal the profile of his ideal girlfriend so to be as realistic as possible.

Kim Jong Kook reveals that his ideal type should be petite rather than a tall woman. She must have a good personality and sociable so that she is able to mix well with his close friends, like Haha and Kwang Soo. Haha added that she must have volume in the butt but Kim Jong Kook said that personality is more important. Click here to watch