Big Picture – Lee Kwang Soo is the star on a real life Truman show


The Big Picture, an online variety show hosted by Haha and Kim Jong Kook will be showing a six-month-long observation(aka Truman show) of Lee Kwang Soo‘s normal life, without his knowledge.

Big Picture was conceptualized and planned to secretly film Kwang Soo for 6 months but due to his schedule with his new film “The Accidental Detective 2”, the project had to be delayed this for 3 months. During the delay, HaHa and Kim Jong Kook had to come up with a new show to fill in the 3 months gaps. They decided to do live talk shows with invited guests.

Just before the filming started, Kwang Soo told the two of them that he wanted to be an actor first rather than a comedian. Haha and Kim Jong Kook defended their friend to the producer on his decision. Unknown to the two, Lee Kwang Soo has already signed up to appear on a new variety show with fellow Running Man cast member, Yoo Jae Suk, on Netflix. Kim Jong Kook joked he would tell the producers that he is not as close to Lee Kwang Soo as he thought.

It will be released today on the Big Picture’s Naver TV V Live channel on 13th  November 2017 at 6 pm on –  http://channels.vlive.tv/D974B7/video.