You can now delete your WhatsApp message after sending to your contact


Have you ever send a WhatsApp message to the wrong user?

WhatsApp has roll out a new feature that allows user to delete a message even after it has reached the recipient. This has to be done within seven minute after the message has been sent. To delete a message, select and hold the message, then click on the trash icon and you can see a menu with 3 options “Delete for me”, “cancel” and “Delete for everyone”.


Clicking on the “Delete for everyone” option, your message will be replace with “You deleted this message”,  for both you and your contact.

Caveat is that user may see the message before you deleted it and that both you and your contact must be on the latest version of the app. One more is  that this must be done within seven minutes, after that you can only delete it on your own app.